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Creative Musical Mastery: 28-Day Immersion

Become the Master of the Music within You

What you'll get:

  • Full access to the online classes and recordings of the course
  • Lifetime Access to the 28-Day Immersion
  • Immerse, Learn, Express and Embody your Deepest Creativity
  • 4 modules, 15+ videos
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Do you feel the music within you yearning to be expressed?

In this modern world, there are so many reasons to ignore this calling, yet I believe everyone should have the opportunity to sing freely and with confidence.

If you’re ready to commit to a system of learning which can guide you into profound musical understanding & creativity, then join us for the 28-day Creative Musical Mastery immersion at the Sama School of Music online.

My name is Tahir Qawwal, and I am a lifelong student of Classical Indian Music, Sufism & Yoga. I’ve been touring the world teaching and performing for 25 years.

I have trained thousands of students in all levels of singing. I know through experience that everyone has the innate capacity for learning to sing and understand music universally through the methods passed on by my lineage.

The Sama School of Music is currently the most popular resource for those learning Indian Classical devotional music & Sufi Qawwali, and now we’ve created a new course which for the first time bridges both Eastern & Western learning systems.

We invite those of you who are ready to practice within the advanced methods present in both systems.

This makes it possible to use the ancient techniques of Raag, ornamentation & scale science to embody an expansive creative expression across all genres.

In this course we’ll cultivate our most natural voice, train it in all scales and stretch it safely across 3 octaves, exploring unique combinations of melody, harmony & rhythm.

It’s very common these days that a singer will stop training once they’ve learned a few major & minor melodies. It’s also common that aspiring singers will give up, when finding pure pitch seems impossible.

I can’t pretend that my journey to becoming a professional singer has been easy, especially because of where I started out, with a limited range and poor sense of pitch. This is why I am grateful to have studied diligently under the guidance of some exceptional masters, masters who have passed on a wonderful system of learning which I am honoured to share with you.

So, if you’re ready to truly find your voice and your unique creative expression, register for Creative Musical Mastery today!