Harmonium Mastery

Learn how to shred on the harmonium with Tahir Qawwal

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6+ Hours of HD Video Lessons

Learn all the Essentials

Start from the very beginning with correct fingering technique; running scales and transposing thaats

Drill for Dexterity: Rhythm & Chords

Learn Tahir’s best practices to strengthen your fingers for virtuosity, as passed down to him by the masters


Fine-tune your Musical Ear

Practice accompanying vocals in any style of music. Improvise within a raag and learn ornamentation techniques to add texturing and flavour

Geek out on Anatomy

From bellows to reeds: Get up close and personal with your very own harmonium, and make it truly yours

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From Novice to Mastery

We have listened to your feedback from The Devotional Power of Voice, and divided up the content in simple-to-navigate sections, so that you can easily curate your own practice and rehearse each module as many times as you wish. You'll have lifetime access.

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Your Vantage Point

The course is recorded with two cameras: One frame shows a close-up of the harmonium keys from the angle where you sit as a player

Harmonium Anatomy

Get up close and personal with me to explore whats on the inside of the instrument. Learn the names of each part and how they should best be calibrated and designed for ultimate play response. Reeds, bellows, springs & more!

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