Realize the Power
of Your Voice


Singing is one of the most powerful ways to reach your creative potential and transform your life.

Develop your musicality and let your creative genius thrive through ancient devotional singing practices with Tahir Qawwal.

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Realize the Power
of Your Voice


Singing is one of the most powerful ways to reach your creative potential and transform your life.

Develop your musicality and let your creative genius thrive through ancient devotional singing practices with Tahir Qawwal.

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What You'll Learn

Voice Training


Exercise the voice with scales and intervals; Stretching your vocal range, finding your natural strength, timbre, and projection.
Perfecting your pitch. 

Music Theory & Raags


Deepen your understanding of universal music theory; harmony and melody; melodic development; ornamentation, augmentations & scales.
Developing your knowing.


Composition & Improvisation


Express creatively in the context of a traditional piece. Learn how to present a musical composition based on the practices we have covered.
Expressing your creativity.


“In the house of lovers,
the music never stops.
The walls are made of songs
and the floor dances"

― Maulana Rumi

The Structure of Each Level

Voice Culture


Breathwork, Warm-up & Voice Stretching
(Kharaj Sadhana)

Pitch Development


Intervals & Melodic Patterns
(Alankara & Merukhand)

Creative Expression


Deepening the understanding of the Tonal Framework, Mood, Poetry, Rhythm & Composition
(Raag, Rass, Taal & Bandesh)

Online Courses


Discover the Power of Your Voice

Learn an ancient, prayerful Sufi composition that was passed down through generations of mastery. In this 3-lesson bundle, Tahir Qawwal takes you through the journey of expanding your vocal practice.

Learn More: The Devotional Power of Voice

Uplevel Your Harmonium Skills - From Scratch to Shred

Have you ever wanted to truly learn the skills required to play the harmonium the way the masters do? Do you want to accompany yourself or a group? Or do you dream of the perfect tool for expanding your musical creativity by learning music theory in a way that emphasizes the emotive universe of music?

Learn More: The Harmonium Mastery Course

Develop Your Raag & Sufi Composition Knowledge

For those who already have a foundational knowledge of music, and who want to explore the flavours and intricacies of specific Raags. You can get limitless access to all our recorded workshops here!

Learn More: The Vocal Artistry Library

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What Our Students Say

About Learning With Us


Are you ready to unleash your Creative Potential?

We mentor musicians of all skill levels to unleash their true Creative Potential through the vast systems of Ancient Music.

As an online and in-person academy with over 1500 students worldwide, we are passionate about helping our students navigate the vast worlds of Hindustani Classical Music. Our approachable methodology inspires beginners as well as seasoned professionals.

Our students become empowered, creative musicians through the Life-Transforming Power of Devotional Music.

Your Skill Development Toolkit

Refine Your Musicality


These courses are perfect for both professional and emerging musicians. It is a great place to start your learning journey with Tahir!

Online Music Academy

Learn Music - In Paradise


Study in-person with your music-loving community in Bali! Immerse yourself in the traditional wisdom of the ancient master musicians of the past millennium, on these sacred lands.


Workshops & Retreats

Master Musical Creativity


Join a 4-week immersion through the ancient teachings of music as consciousness-shifting, transcendental medicine for the heart and mind.
Applications are currently open!


The Creative Musical Mastery Suite

The Creative Musical Mastery Suite

For a select few, devoted students, we are opening up registrations for our first Creative Musical Mastery Suite: A 28-Day Accelerator for those of you who want to truly immerse yourselves in studying Hindustani Classical Music with Tahir Qawwal.

Find Out More & Apply

The Qawwali Documentary Series -
Music of the Mystics

Immerse Yourself in the Music of the Sufi Mystics

For centuries, Qawwali has been a treasure trove of wisdom and mysticism for all who have sought its transcendent secrets. So it's no wonder that the world's first eight-episode film series about Qawwali - Music of the Mystics - is so captivating. Journey deep into this precious music tradition through the eyes of Tahir Qawwal and Fanna-fi-Allah, as they take you on an intimate journey through some of Pakistan and India's most wondrous places.

Watch the Qawwali Documentary - Music of the Mystics

Upcoming Workshops, Retreats & Pilgrimages

Vocal Artistry: Bali - September Workshop Series

Join our weekly Vocal Artistry workshops in Bali this September!

Develop your voice like the Masters - These training sessions will help you excel in your own singing career, as well as give a solid foundation to one's singing practice for those just starting out!

We're upgrading the course to encompass 4x 3-hour workshops! 12 hours of immersing in deep learning.

Book Your Package Today!

Voice of the Beloved: 
Bali - December 2021

Explore the Ancient Secrets of Singing, in Paradise! 

Join us on a 2-day weekend or 7-day Vocal Artistry retreat on the sacred island of Bali, at the exclusive De Moksha Eco Resort. Unleash your creative genius with Tahir Qawwal and embark on a journey of self-discovery and communion with the Divine!

Book Your Package Today!

Mystical Music Pilgrimages: 2022 & 2023

Join Tahir Qawwal & the Sama School of Music for an exclusive mystical pilgrimage to the heart of the Sufi music of the Indian Subcontinent.

Apply for our Mystical Musical Pilgrimages

The Official Qawwali Film Soundtrack is here!

The soundtrack to this series is now available, with over 14 hours of music!

We invite you to explore these mystical concerts with us through nine volumes overflowing with full-length tracks including cinematic alaps; live Qawwali from its original settings; remastered tracks from the masters of the last century; and our contemporary master musicians from Pakistan.

Listen to the Official Soundtrack Now!

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Browse our catalog and see what we've got in store for you. 

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Our Online Courses


Vocal Artistry Library


Deepen your Raag & Composition Skills

  • Workshop Recordings in HD
  • Exclusive, first-hand access
  • Raag & Composition Library
  • Private FB Community Access
  • Lifetime access!
  • This is a one-time purchase of $99 before this becomes a monthly subscription at $39 per month.

The Devotional Power of Voice


Most Popular

  • 4+ Hours of HD Video Lessons
  • Voice Training
  • Music Theory & Raag
  • Fundamentals of Pitch & Timbre
  • Composition & Improvisation
  • 3-Lesson Bundle
  • Private FB Community Access
  • Lifetime Access!

Harmonium Mastery


Learn Harmonium From Scratch to Shred

  • Build a Solid Foundation: Scales & Warm-Ups
  • Fingering Techniques
  • Melodic Dictation
  • Ornamentation Tricks
  • Chords & Accompaniment
  • Advanced Qawwali Shredding
  • Classical Composition
  • Improvisation & Sazina
  • Lifetime Access!

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