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Master the Art

Whether you're a beginner tabla player looking to build a strong foundation or an experienced musician seeking to deepen your understanding of Qawwali tabla, this course is for you.

You'll gain the skills and confidence to play with greater precision and creativity, and to fully express yourself through this beautiful and powerful music.

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Here's what you'll get inside Tabla Mastery:

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20+ Qawwali tabla video lessons with Kash Qalandar

Start from the very beginning with the correct technique in various time signatures

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Easy-to-follow demonstrations and explanations

to watch and listen to anytime you need a refresher

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A Dedicated Tabla Mastery Community

For personalised support by Kash Qalandar, whenever you need.

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Lifetime Access to all the learning material 

So you can learn at your own pace and revisit lessons as needed.

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Tabla Mastery - Lifetime Access

Join the ranks of the masters with the ultimate Qawwali Tabla course

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When you complete this course:


You'll know all the essential taals (beat cycles)

Let's drop into the rhythm of your favourite Qawwali track. What is it that makes it so magnetic?

The beat, of course.

In this training, you'll learn the famous 8-beat Keherva cycle, the versatile 12-beat Ek-taal and of course, the classical 16-beat Teen-taal that everyone loves.

You'll learn the Classical beat cycles as well as the many forms of Keherva and Dadra unique to Qawwali music.

You will also be learning the enigmatic 7-beat cycle Rupak, the 10-beat Jhaptaal and the 6-beat Dadra - three of the most creatively inspiring taals in the whole Classical system.

Each of these are easy to learn thanks to Kash's teaching methodology, which he has been refining since his tabla initiation at 3 years of age (more on that story inside!)

Authentic Expression
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You'll have a solid, established tabla practice that'll last you a lifetime

With this course, you will radically refine your tabla hand, your rhythm skills and your musicality in only 10-20 minutes per day.

Kash Qalandar has been classically trained since the age of two by his Ustad Tari Khan, and is deeply influenced by Ustad Dildar Hussain. His knowledge and wisdom of tabla stems from the absolute legends in this lineage.


You become a member of a global tabla community, with personal coaching by Kash Qalandar

When you sign up for Tabla Mastery, our most committed students also get special access to the Tabla Mastery Membership on Mighty Networks as an available add-on!

Inside the Art of Tabla membership, Kash personally responds to the questions that come up on your learning journey.

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