The Devotional Power of Voice

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4+ Hours of HD Video Lessons

Learn the foundational Bhairav scale

Start from the very beginning, as passed on by the ancient masters of this tradition.

Practice with the course as your companion

This course is designed to create a solid foundation for all of our courses and further Hindustani music studies.

Fine-tune your Musical Ear

You'll receive exercises that hone your capacity for deep listening across all styles of music, and at the same time train your sense of pitch.

Learn a Composition & Improvise

You'll learn an ancient composition that was passed on to Tahir from Ustad Ghulam Hassan Shaggan, the legendary classical singer from Lahore.

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Harmonium Anatomy

Get up close and personal with me to explore whats on the inside of the instrument. Learn the names of each part and how they should best be calibrated and designed for ultimate play response. Reeds, bellows, springs & more!

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