Express Your True Musicality through the Ancient Secrets of Singing

In paradise.

Are you dreaming of dedicating yourself to your musical evolution? Join us on a 2-day Vocal Artistry retreat on the sacred lands of Bali, at the exclusive De Moksha Eco Resort.

Unveil your creative genius with Tahir Qawwal & the women of Ilahi Qawwali and embark on a journey of self-discovery and communal devotion with your music community!

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Are you ready to unveil your creative genius?

Are you looking to deepen your spiritual singing practice?
Our community is gathering for a weekend of accelerated learning with the lineage holders of Sufi Qawwali!

Welcome to your Bali Vocal Artistry retreat:

Voice of the Beloved


We will gather on sacred land in Tabanan, in a community of seekers, musicians and contemplatives. Learn classical vocal arts under the guidance of internationally renowned musician Tahir Qawwal with opportunities to participate in daily morning breathwork, yoga, meditation, vocal artistry workshops, and Qawwali performance. Your voice will open like never before on this transformational two-day singing retreat.

2x Two-Hour Vocal Artistry Workshops

Immerse yourself in the wisdom of melody and Raag, and learn two classical, devotional compositions by the masters of the past millennium. Study with your beautifully devoted music community!

Ilahi Sufi Qawwali Ceremony

Experience the art form of live Qawwali, the music of the Sufi mystics, performed by the world's first all-female Qawwali ensemble Ilahi. Feel the potency of this music tradition, with its roots in Hindustani Classical.

Music of the Mystics - Film Screening

We enter a world of emotional and spiritual intensity, where Qawwali music reverberates in the marble of sacred shrines, dervishes whirl, devotional tears fall, and seekers succumb to trance.

Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation & Spa

Choose your own adventure! We offer yoga classes, breathwork sessions, private vocal coaching and full access to the wellness center at De Moksha. Participate by your own design!

Take a Quantum Leap in your Vocal Training

Immerse yourself in an ancient culture of singing, prayers, musicality and rhythm that extends far beyond Kirtan.

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