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"I've been studying with Tahir and Amie now for a few months here in Bali as a part of Ilahi. It's been a really beautiful environment to grow as a vocalist.

This experience has really taught me a lot of technique and challenged me to grow and push my edges vocally, particularly in bringing my voice to the next level.

There's been a huge amount of growth in just a few months.

It's delivered with so much joy and fun and with a really beautiful, opening, welcoming, encouraging attitude that makes you feel really safe to play and fail and expand. This is what I love the most about training with Tahir and Amie. I recommend it for anyone who is looking to grow in a technical way and to step up their potential in terms of how they share."

— Haylee Clare, Artist & Healer, Australia


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Astrologer & Yoga Teacher, Costa Rica

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Haylee Clare

Artist & Healer, Australia

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